How to connect lamp holder and lamp holder safely

2023-05-10 15:53

Jin billion electric teach you: lamp holder, lamp holder how to connect safely:

Lamps and lanterns can be seen everywhere in life. If the lamps and lanterns are assembled incorrectly, it is very dangerous. Then how to correctly connect the lamps and lanterns?

First prepare the tools to use, screwdriver, lamp holder, etc.; Then cut off the insulation layer of the wire head, but do not cut off the copper wire, let alone expose the wire; Then check the corresponding connection line, if the connection is correct, fixed with screws to prevent loose; Finally, power on trial, if the indicator is normal, it indicates that the connection is correct.

1. When installing, check the quality of the lampshade, whether the voltage value conforms to the rated value, and whether the appearance and parts are damaged. When wiring, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the small section of the wire meets the national standard. If lower than the national standard, lamp holder is easy to burn out.

2. Before installation, we need to see whether the tools and parts are ready and whether there is leakage. This is because the structure of the lamp holder is less anti-leakage measures, so we must confirm the quality of the lamp holder has not reached the standard.

Chandelier base connection method

If it is a chandelier seat, we first cut the insulation at the end of the wire, then put the plastic cord into the box, and then tie it so that it can bear the weight of the chandelier. Then put the two wire ends into the two holes in the box, connect them to the wire, and finally cover the lamp holder.

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How to connect the lamp holder safely,


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