Lamp holder material of floodlight

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Floodlights are not spotlights, projectors, spotlights. Floodlights produce highly diffused, non-directional light instead of a clear beam, resulting in soft and bright shadows. When used for object lighting, the speed of light degradation is much slower than that of spotlights. Even some floodlights with very slow light attenuation seem to be a light source without shadows. The spotlight projects a directed, well-defined beam to illuminate a specific area.

The Lamp holder material is aluminum alloy die-casting, electrostatic spraying, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance. The reflector is made of imported high-purity aluminum materials, and a variety of reflective surface plans are selected to form light distributions with different requirements. High light efficiency, small glare light source. According to customer requirements, single-ended or double-ended metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps can be selected. The lamp holder is E40 or rx7s, and the lampshade is 5mm tempered glass, which is of good quality, durable to high heat, high strength, and good light transmission. The sealing strip is an anticorrosive silicone rubber seal. Use high-function induction ballasts, triggers and capacitors to ensure that the electrical functions of the lamps meet the requirements of national standards.Lamp holder

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