Energy-saving lamp holder production experts tell you the classification of bulbs

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Type of Energy-saving lamp holder bulb

1. Tungsten filament lamp

It is a kind of light source widely used by people. It can announce warm yellow light. It's a light bulb that most of us think is a light bulb. There are many kinds of tungsten lamps, and the price is low. However, the service life of tungsten filament lamp is not long, and it does not save electricity. It also emits heat, so it should not be too close to paper, textiles or plastic products.

2. Halogen tungsten bulb

The service life of the bulb is longer than that of the ordinary tungsten filament bulb, but the price is also more expensive. The light produced by halogen tungsten lamp is also white, which is closer to the natural light than the general tungsten lamp.

There are two types of halogen lamps: high voltage type, which is generally only used for sky lamps; the other is low voltage type, which is mainly used for downward lighting projection lamps. Both types of light bulbs provide adequate illumination.

Halogen sky lamps with adjustable light intensity are very useful for ordinary families. Because the shape of these lamps is very smooth, the light is projected upward to the ceiling or wall, and then reflected down, so the lighting effect is soft. Halogen bulbs are at least smaller and more energy efficient, so they are often used in spotlights, turning them into up or down lights.

One of the most important advantages of halogen lamp is that it can announce the maximum light energy from the filament of small needle. Therefore, the shape of the lamp can become very smooth and delicate, saving more space.

Halogen bulbs are widely used in store lighting because they save electricity - you can tell them by the tiny blinking bulbs.

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