Lamp holder maintenance

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Lamp maintenance and Lamp holder

In the lighting industry, the quality of lamps often determines the effect of the equipment. Therefore, the protection of the lamp body is particularly important. The protection of lighting equipment is a complex task. Basically, routine inspections, weekly inspections, monthly equipment protection and appropriate debugging are required. The level of cumbersomeness is no less than that of women's daily care and maintenance.

When installing lighting, it is best to install a lampshade to effectively prevent external pollution.

Use the correct cleaning method. During the cleaning process, do not change the structure of the lamp, it can be removed for cleaning, but the order of the installation must be remembered.

Do not switch the lighting frequently, otherwise it will cause the filament temperature to rise sharply and shorten the service life.

If the lamp has dust, smoke and particles, it will corrode the appearance of the equipment, and even cause the equipment to overheat and damage. Therefore, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply before disassembling the enclosure, and often scrub the equipment enclosure, which can be confirmed according to the operating environment.

When the ambient temperature exceeds 40℃, do not operate the computer shaker. When using it, it needs to be grounded, moisture-proof and waterproof, and confirm the normal voltage scale.

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