What are the different materials of led lamp holders

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Now that economic conditions are getting better and better, Led lighting technology is also improving. In the lighting parts system, the lamp holder occupies a very important position. The following editor introduces all kinds of different Led lamp holders.

PA-Led lamp holder, namely polyamide, PA is mainly made of a tough, milky white crystalline resin, which has better heat resistance than other materials. The most common material for PA engineering plastic energy-saving lamps. This material has a series of benefits such as high mechanical strength, high softening point, wear resistance, heat resistance, and oil resistance.

Rust aluminum Led lamp holder, aluminum rust has a very strong heat-resistant strengthening function, so its corrosion resistance is very good, so we also call it anti-rust aluminum.

Stainless steel Led lamp holder, stainless steel, this is the kind of LED lamp holder material we know best. It mainly has the function of air resistance, some weakly corrosive media and some chemically corrosive media. It is also called stainless acid-resistant steel. Because stainless steel has excellent chemical resistance, it is widely used in practice.

Lamp holders of different materials have different characteristics. Led lamp holders play a very important role in Led lamps, and also play a role in maintaining lamps.

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