How to tell if the lamp holder is broken

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Judgment steps for lamp holder damage:

1. The lamp holder is broken-test pen

(1) First remove the lampshade and test with an electric pen. First check if there is electricity on both ends of the lamp. If not, there should be a problem with this part of the circuit.

(2) If there is a short circuit or an open circuit in the circuit, find out the cause and repair it.


2. The lamp holder is broken-observe

(1) For easy viewing, it is recommended to remove the bulb and connect it to a lamp holder that can normally illuminate. If it can illuminate, it proves that the lamp holder is broken; if it does not illuminate, the bulb is broken, and you can directly replace the lamp of the same model.

(2) When it is determined that the bulb is broken, it can be tested with a multimeter. First observe whether the tungsten wire inside is broken.

3. The lamp holder is broken-details

(1) Turn on the power switch and test the voltage with a universal meter AC voltage. If the display is about 220 volts, the line end problem can be eliminated.

(2) If the voltage is low or zero, it means the circuit is faulty. The lamp head and switch must be checked. Remove the lamp cap. If the voltage is 220 V, the circuit is normal.

Most people are ordinary users and don't know how to repair a broken lamp holder. But we need to have an understanding of electricity, which may help us solve the problem of broken lamp caps. On the basis of ensuring personal safety, we can try it ourselves. If we really can't do it, we need to ask professionals to help.

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