Power conversion of energy-saving lamp holder, LED lamp holder and incandescent lamp holder

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Energy-saving lamp and incandescent lamp power conversion

Each watt of LED lamps is approximately equal to 5 watts of incandescent lamps, similar to energy-saving lamps.

Each watt of LED is approximately equal to 3 watt CFL (energy saving lamp), which is also equivalent to 15 watt incandescent lamp. For example, a 3 watt LED is equivalent to an 8 watt CFL (energy-saving lamp), and it is also equivalent to a 25 watt incandescent lamp, and so on.

Generally speaking, a 3-watt LED bulb is sufficient for the normal size of the living room. If the living room is relatively large, you can choose different wattage bulbs according to your needs.

Cell phone lights, car tail lights and traffic lights are commonly used LED lights in daily life. All in all, according to different needs, LED bulbs of different wattages are used in our daily lighting with their powerful advantages.

Power conversion between LED bulbs and energy-saving lamps

The conversion rate of LED per watt is 70-80LM;

For general fluorescent lamps, each watt is equivalent to 30-40LW, for example: 10W fluorescent lamp=10*30=300LM.

Tip: Refer to the above formula to know the actual wattage of the LED light.

Just master the power conversion method between various lamps. You can refer to it when buying lamps and avoid buying lamps with too high or too low brightness

Jinyi Electric, a professional manufacturer of lamp holders, lamp holders, and energy-saving lamp holders will illuminate your life.

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