Common lamp interface classification

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Lamp holders are one of the most important components in lamps. With reference to international standards, ordinary lamp holders can be divided into the following categories.

1. MR16: The type of lamp is composed of English letters and numbers. MR16 refers to a luminaire with a multi-reflector with a maximum outer diameter of 2 inches.

2. GU10: G indicates that the lamp head type is plug-in type, u indicates that the lamp head is divided into u-shaped, and the number behind indicates that the center distance of the lamp pin hole is 10mm. GU10 is more common.

3. E14: E is a screw, lamp holder and light source lamp holder, used for the light source interface of E14 lamps, most of which are used for decorative lamps.

4. B22: B stands for socket, and the number after the letter stands for interface. The lamp holder with a diameter of 22mm has two protruding clamps for snapping into the B22 light source interface.

5. E27: E stands for screw, and the number after the letter stands for interface diameter (CM). E27 is a 67.5px spiral lamp holder. Generally speaking, E27 and B27 are the ones we use most in our daily lives.

6.G24: Horizontal plug-in lamp holder. In reality, we can see that most downlights are equipped with G24 horizontal lights on the ceilings of some supermarkets and hotels.

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